Now Taking 2019 Nuc Orders

We are currently offering 2 different options for 2019 NUC Orders.  The $200 option with a Premium New River Carnica Queen, and the $150 option with a Generic New River Queen.  Both queens come from our stock and our breeder programs here at New River Honey Bees.  The Premium Queens are a result of our top breeding programs that we've invested countless hours and dollars into, and the Generic Queens are random mixtures of all of the different lines we keep and evaluate.  Both are very nice queens!

Here are some of the traits you can expect our stock to exhibit:   Calm and Docile behavior on the comb, excellent sense of orientation, highly resistant to diseases and parasites, reduced consumption over winter, explosive spring buildup, less prone to robbing and spreading diseases in other colonies, adjusts worker population to match the local nectar/pollen availability, very hygienic. 

Want to see an example of what our spring NUCs look like?  Click this link to see a video of one of our Spring 2018 NUCs:


About Our Stock

Breeder Stock used in our Operation

Our VSH Breeder Stock comes directly from VP Queens (Adam Finkelstein’s II VP Breeder Queens). Adam is one of the few breeders in the US holding an agreement with the USDA to keep the most pure, most tested, and updated strain of VSH stock.  We get new VSH Breeder Queens from Adam every year.

Our Purdue University "Ankle-Biter" stock comes directly from Purdue University.  We travel to Purdue once a year to help with drone collection and insemination of the new breeder queens for that year.  We get new Breeder Queens from Purdue every year.

We initially purchased two different breeder queen lines of the Martha Carpenter Mite Mauler stock in 2018, which we are using with instrumental insemination to keep the lines pure and unrelated, but will continue to purchase new breeder stock from this line every year, when available.

We import new Buckfast Queens of Canadian / Denmark lineage every year.  This stock has a lot of very good traits for disease resistance, overwintering, calm nature and honey production.

Our Republic of Georgia Caucasians and Slovenian Carniolan stock both come from Sue Cobey's work with traveling out of the country and bringing back semen from the best of these colonies.  We try to add new breeder stock from these lines to our operation every year.


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